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Video Production Company in Manchester – Mob Film

At Mob Film we’re an award-winning company specialising in all aspects of video production.

Our team of creative, skilled producers and directors will help craft and successfully deliver your commercial or digital production on time and on budget.

With over 15 years of experience and a network of highly-skilled professionals from across the UK, we’re one of the leading video production companies in Manchester and we’re ready to help bring your project to life. Video is such a valuable asset in today’s marketing industry that it’s essential to do it right.

Our team knows what works. From concept through to coordination we will work closely with you to ensure the end product not only meets your exact requirements, but helps set your film apart from the rest.

One of our leading specialties lies in sport video production, but thanks to our industry links and vast list of suppliers throughout the UK, we are experienced in creating and executing high-end, bespoke video production for any genre or specification.

Our dedication to being the most experienced video production company in Manchester has not gone unnoticed; with the likes of Volkswagen, Manchester United, Everton, Manchester City and their international sponsorship clients and agencies selecting us as their video production company of choice.

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Here at The Mob Film Company, we don’t believe there is any contradiction between being proudly Mancunian and espousing an unashamedly global outlook. We are proud to say we have offices in not only Manchester, but also London and Abu Dhabi, in keeping with our commitment to delivering award-winning (and award-worthy!) content that global audiences love.

Why should your brand accept anything less than the highest level of film and TV production experience and know-how from its choice of commercial production company? Got your brief ready? We’d love to chat through it with you – Contact our team today to be provided with a quick and comprehensive quote for your next project or send us an email for more information on our video and production services.

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