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Mob Film: Local Fixer in Manchester

The North West England city of Manchester may spark certain associations in people’s minds – such as the ‘Madchester’ music scene and the lofty achievements of its two title-contending Premier League football clubs. However, what is beyond doubt is that it is also a true global metropolis, with a pressing need for the most sophisticated, tailored and forward-thinking video production services.

The Mob Film Company is so much more than one of the most in-demand film and TV production companies in the UK, with an enviable track record of award-winning projects for the most prestigious clients. That’s because we also take great pride in our Manchester origins, and the work that we can do to continue serving the city and its environs with distinction for many years to come. So if you are coming to Manchester to film a production and need a local fixer, then look no further.

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We can provide capable and qualified professionals to coordinate with you on your project and help with the smooth running of your shoot, all overseen by a Senior or Executive Producer.

We’re a Manchester-based production company and we create and produce films. We do this for a range of clients from all over the world.

For the most part, we produce commercials, documentaries, feature films and sports productions. But, we can also provide your project with a Manchester-based fixer.

Our fixer and production service partners can assist you on shoot in Manchester and the surrounding regions. Whether you are working on stills, commercials, corporate films or event production, we have a complete roster of experienced professionals who can collaborate with you on your project.

We have over 15 years of production experience and our team are experts in their field.

You will benefit from our local fixers who have an understanding of production, in-depth knowledge of Manchester and the surrounding areas, with unrivalled purchasing power.

  • Whatever you need assistance with, you can be sure that our production staff can help if you’re coming to film in Manchester or the surrounding regions.
  • Whether you need help with finding and choosing locations, transport and hotel arrangements at preferential rates, meals, local equipment or permits, our network of fixers are on hand to make your projects run as smoothly as possible.

Get in touch via our contact page to discuss your project requirements.

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