Rod Brown

Rod is a BAFTA television award winning producer, with a career in the television and film industry spanning over 25 years. Starting on popular UK entertainment shows such as ‘Strike it Lucky’ in the late 1980’s and in sports production, he moved into drama production by joining Hewland International in 1994. At Hewland he co-created and produced the multi award winning television drama series ‘Dream Team’ for Sky 1 and the children’s drama series ‘Goal!’ for BBC.

Rod joined The Mob Film Company in 2004 and co-developed and produced the multi Bafta award winning TV miniseries ‘Hogfather’, the first ever live adaptation of best-selling author Sir Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series. Rod went on to produce two further BAFTA award winning Discworld TV miniseries (The Colour of Magic (2008) and Going Postal (2010)) for Sky TV. Rod also created a notable television documentary slate at The Mob as a writer, producer and director.

In 2012, Rod was approached by Sir Terry Pratchett to head up Narrativia Limited, a production company controlling all of Sir Terry’s rights for television, film, merchandising and digital, overseeing TV, film and audio content development for Narrativia. This resulted in a number of projects moving into production, including ‘Good Omens’ (Amazon 2019) and ‘The Watch’ (BBC Worldwide). Rod left Narrativia in early 2018 to co-found BrockBrown with The Mob Film Company North’s owner John Brocklehurst in June 2018.