An Apology
Ronseal – An Apology

“Ronseal – does exactly what it says on the tin”

But what if the tin is a bucket? Or a squeezy tube?

Such was the dilemma of our fictional Ronseal Marketing Director. Having been called to account by ‘Eagle Eyed’ tweeters, a brand new and 100% honest strapline has been implemented. Cue the befuddled depot workers, excessively long trucks and some brutally honest vox pops of the Great British public.

Drawing on our modern culture of public apologies, this sly and funny pastiche highlights the oft-overlooked fact that a bit of creative licence can sometimes make life easier for everybody.

The sharp comedy stylings of the material bring the best out of the visuals and the cast, especially our convincing Marketing Director and an all-too-real Politician.

You can check out if Ronseal are staying true to their words on their website.

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