Mini Countryman

Mini Countryman

BMW Mini came to The Mob to facilitate a 6 day shoot for their new Mini Countryman, in a series of TV & cinema commercials that set out to capture the spirit of Britishness for a German audience.    

As a full service production we provided weeks of location scouting using stills and video footage of each location, along with pre-filmed routes for the cars to drive, from locations across the the North and Northwest of England before finally settling on a shoot around the Peak District.

The prototype cars were brought in from Germany whilst crew numbers swelled to take up most of the available hotel rooms in Buxton and the surrounding areas. With over 150 crew the films were shot on 3 Red Dragon systems at 5.5k with complex road closures and traffic management, whilst accommodating complex equipment including tracking vehicles, Russian Arm and Drones in challenging remote locations.

Mini Countryman - Making Of

Get a taste of the real British countryside that hosted the Mini shoot in this Behind the Scenes film, showing off all the hard work put in by the cast and crew to achieve such a top quality set of films.

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