Healthpoint is a multi-specialty hospital and world class sports rehabilitation facility  in Abu Dhabi, and regional sponsorship partner of Manchester City F.C.

Mob Sport worked closely with Healthpoint’s Marketing department to create a TV & Cinema campaign to demonstrate that their new facility is the number one choice in the UAE.

The creative concept profiles Healthpoint as a centre of excellence where you can find the world’s best doctors, surgeons and clinical expertise using the most innovative and ground breaking medical equipment.    Throughout the film we see 1st team stars from Manchester City F.C. narrating to camera, as they appear to walk through the state of the art hospital, reinforcing the connection of sport and their need for the very best in the world when it comes to sports rehabilitation.

Directed by Meriem Adib the film was shot in a studio in Manchester using partial set-builds & green screen, with the players being on set for just under 1 hour.

Then production relocated to Abu Dhabi to shoot all the background plates with stunning photography and considered direction/camera moves, which were used to to embed the players into the scenes through post production.

The final film aired across the UAE on TV, Online & Cinema.


Multi award winning director Meriem has worked in tv for a number of years, creating attention-grabbing work for icons such as Bear Grylls and James Cracknell. She directs with passion, originality and vision.

Healthpoint Behind the Scenes

See the behind the scenes of the Manchester half of the Healthpoint shoot, featuring Manchester City players and interviews with the Director and Client.

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