Greater London National Park campaign

Greater London National Park campaign

London is set to become the world’s first #NationalParkCity in 2019.

This is a historic opportunity to improve life in London by making the capital greener, wilder, and healthier.

A city where people and nature are better connected. A city that is rich with wildlife and every child benefits from exploring, playing and learning outdoors. A city where we all enjoy high-quality green spaces, the air is clean to breathe, it’s a pleasure to swim in its rivers and green homes are affordable.

This film opened the GLNPC conference at The Royal Festival Hall, and has been used at conferences all around the world to promote the idea of London as a National Park City. It is embedded on the GLPNC website along with four other films. Directed by Mark Chaudoir.


Mark Chaudoir is an experienced and award-winning director; his output has been recognized worldwide for its creativity and originality winning more than 50 international industry awards.

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