Audi S-line

The Mob worked together with Audi to create a blockbusting new campaign for this globally recognised luxury car brand.

The concept of top of the line technology in Audi vehicles is reflected throughout in the slick operation of this gang of thieves, using Chinook helicopters to rappel down onto a busy highway – stealing cars mid-transit! Ultimately, the thieves are undone by the tech within the cars themselves, using GPS to alert the authorities of their location and leading into a tense confrontation.

Created in conjunction with Thjnk Berlin, the action credentials were high on this production, with leading Hollywood powerhouse and regular Mob Film collaborator Paul W.S. Anderson in the Director’s chair. Veteran of the Resident Evil Franchise, Pompeii and Death Race, Paul brought his action chops to this ultra-demanding and complex shoot in Johannesburg.

Hollywood director, producer and writer Paul W.S. Anderson has become internationally known for his action-packed, hi-octane Hollywood blockbusters.

The Making Of...

The Making Of film for this Audi campaign was a feat in itself, covering all aspects of this massive production, and giving an insight into just how we managed to pull the whole thing off.

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