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Nicholas Reynolds

Nicholas Reynolds is a comedy enthusiast renowned for his zany offbeat style of comedy and storytelling with the use of visual antics and colourful characters. His unique style is seen most notably in his commercial work for KFC, Specsavers, and Hansa.

His honours include Cannes Gold for Ikea ‘Dog‘. Reynolds also produced the Virgin Credit Cards ‘Plastic Surgery’ campaign featuring Sir Richard Branson, which won three Cannes Gold Lions, the LynxJet ‘Launch‘ commercial for Lowe-Hunt Sydney, which received a Cannes Bronze Lion and a Cannes Bronze for BBH Singapore with his work for the Axe brand.

His portfolio with Mob Film includes Mother, Yellow Pages, Cadbury, XXXXGold, Chupa Chups, VW, Visa, Specsavers, Virgin, KFC, McDonald’s and much more.