We give away top of the range playing kits to junior sports teams from the most disadvantaged areas in Northern England. This programme is focused towards teams for 8 – 14 year olds and provides essential support in the earliest stages of their sporting lives. Junior teams within this age range are run by volunteers with very little financial support.

Evidence and statistics shows this lack of support for grassroots sports clubs in recent times:

-The year after the London Olympics 2012, The Government promised to invest £493million into grassroots sport between 2013-17
-There are over 150,000 amateur sports clubs in the UK, with these clubs generally having a number of different teams, working out at an average of £3,286 per club over the 4 years – less than £1k a year
– Statistics show that there are 15.3million weekly participants in grass roots sport, that’s about £32 per person over this time and just £8 per year.

Is this enough to really make an impact and sustain participation in grassroots sport? If we look at the general running costs of a junior sports team, they have to pay for playing kits, playing/training equipment, venue hire for training and in many instances playing, essential volunteer education courses, league and NGB affiliation fees, insurances and much more!

Dependent on the sport and area, these running costs could be anything from £2,000 – £10,000 a year for the average amateur sports club. The £8 per year, per participant of Goverment/Lottery funding that is available to them wouldn’t last very long given these mounting figures and demonstrates the massive need for initiatives like the Junior Sports Kit Programme in order to support and sustain sport at the earliest stages